Building a Strong Business Foundation Through Strategic Marketing


As business owners, we understand the challenges that come with building and sustaining a successful enterprise, especially during tough times like these. Today, I want to delve into the crucial aspects of marketing, customer acquisition costs, and the significance of a well-thought-out business plan. These elements not only guide decision-making but also play a vital […]

The Impact of Adding Keywords to Your Business Name on Google Business Profiles

Achieving the top position on Google’s local pack and Maps rankings is a coveted goal for businesses competing in the world of local SEO. To attain that coveted spot, many businesses are willing to experiment with adding keywords to their business names in Google Business Profiles. But what is the real impact of this strategy […]

Google Business Profile – Importance of having one set up

So the number one question we get as marketers is, how can I get my business out in front of lots of potential customers? The other questions we hear are, What is a Google Business Profile and how do you use it? Or, how do I set up a Google business profile? Does a Google […]