The Impact of Adding Keywords to Your Business Name on Google Business Profiles

Achieving the top position on Google’s local pack and Maps rankings is a coveted goal for businesses competing in the world of local SEO. To attain that coveted spot, many businesses are willing to experiment with adding keywords to their business names in Google Business Profiles. But what is the real impact of this strategy on local rankings? In this article, we will explore the power of keywords and the effects on your Google Business Profile. We will also dive into legally incorporating keywords into your business name and how it can provide a workaround while keeping your practices legitimate.

Temporary Boosts Can Come at a Cost:

Research has shown that incorporating keywords into your business name can have a significant and immediate impact on your local search ranking. This boost is especially noticeable when keywords are strategically placed together. Businesses often see their rankings surge within a matter of hours after making this adjustment. However, there’s a catch. Google’s guidelines regarding Google Business Profiles are clear – including keyword descriptors in your business name may be against the rules, and this can lead to the suspension of your business page.

While it might be tempting to enjoy the quick rise in ranking that comes from adding keywords, it’s crucial to prioritize the longevity and legitimacy of your online presence. A suspended business page can have severe consequences, including a loss of visibility and credibility. Therefore, it’s advisable to adhere to Google’s guidelines to ensure your business profile remains active and accessible to potential customers.

A Legal Workaround for Keywords in Your Business Name:

If you’re intent on incorporating keywords or locations into your business name, there are legal ways to do so while keeping your practices above board. One option is to register your business name with the desired keywords included. If your registered business name contains these keywords, you’re in compliance with Google’s guidelines, and this approach can work effectively for your local SEO efforts.

Another option is to file for a “Doing Business As” (DBA) or fictitious business name that includes the desired keywords. A DBA is a legal declaration that allows you to conduct business under a name different from your legal business name. By doing this, you create a legal work-around that aligns with Google’s guidelines while still incorporating the keywords that matter most to your business.

Consider a Legal Name Change for Long-Term Benefits:

For businesses looking for a more comprehensive solution, a legal name change may be the way to go. By officially changing your business name, you provide undeniable legal proof to Google that you are entitled to use those keywords in your business name. This approach leaves no room for ambiguity and ensures that your practices are in full compliance with Google’s guidelines.

In the event that Google suspends your account and requests proof of your business name, having legally incorporated those keywords through registration or a name change can provide the necessary documentation to rectify the situation promptly.

So, in the realm of local SEO, keywords in your business name on Google Business Profiles can indeed have a substantial impact on your rankings. However, this strategy should be approached with caution, ensuring that your practices align with Google’s guidelines.

While it can be tempting to use this tactic for a quick boost, the long-term implications of a suspended business page can be far more damaging. Instead, focus on ethical SEO practices and delivering value to your customers. If you choose to incorporate keywords or locations into your business name, consider the legal workarounds we discussed such as registering your name or filing for a DBA. For those seeking a comprehensive solution, a legal name change can provide the ultimate assurance of compliance with Google’s guidelines. In the ever-evolving world of local SEO, a sustainable and ethical approach to optimizing your Google Business Profile will yield better results and long-term success for your business.

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