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Create Fresh and Valuable Content for Your Audience and Google’s E.E.A.T. Algorithm using the Power of Video Podcast Transcripts: 

As businesses seek to expand their digital presence and connect with audiences on a deeper level, podcasting has emerged as a powerful tool for engaging listeners and building a loyal following. But what happens when the audio content is over? How can businesses repurpose their podcast content into fresh, new content that continues to drive traffic and engagement? The answer lies in video podcast transcripts.

Using video podcast transcripts to create new, organic content is an effective strategy for several reasons. First, it provides fresh, never-written-before content that is guaranteed to be unique and original. This is important because search engines prioritize fresh, relevant content in their rankings, and this strategy ensures that your content is always up-to-date and relevant to your audience.

Secondly, using video podcast transcripts to create written content allows businesses to provide helpful, trusted information from an industry professional. This is because most podcasts feature industry experts who offer valuable insights and information that are relevant to their listeners. By creating written content based on these insights, businesses can establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective fields, and gain the trust and loyalty of their audience.

To further support the value of using video podcast transcripts to create new content, consider the following statistics:

According to a study by Buzzsprout, podcast transcripts can increase SEO and organic traffic by up to 7.5%.

In a survey by Edison Research, 74% of podcast listeners said they visit a brand’s website after hearing it advertised on a podcast.

Moreover, using video podcast transcripts to create new organic content can help businesses feed into Google’s E.E.A.T. (Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) algorithm strategy. This algorithm prioritizes content that demonstrates these qualities in a given subject area. By creating written content based on video podcast transcripts, businesses can demonstrate their experience, expertise and authority in their respective fields, and provide valuable information that is trustworthy and reliable. This, in turn, can help boost their rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs), and increase their visibility to potential customers.

Additionally, using transcripts for video content can help Google’s E.E.A.T. algorithm strategy to better understand the content of the video. By providing transcripts of the video content, businesses can help search engines to better understand the subject matter, and make it more likely that their content will rank well in search results.

In conclusion, using video podcast transcripts to create new organic content is a powerful strategy that can help businesses establish themselves as thought leaders, drive traffic and engagement, and tap into a growing audience of highly educated, engaged podcast listeners. So if you’re looking to take your content marketing strategy to the next level, consider repurposing your podcast content into fresh, new written content that your audience will love, and that Google’s E.E.A.T. algorithm will appreciate, helping you rank higher. 

Author: Richard Burnham

Marketing Strategist 

The Salt Net Marketing & Consulting

Richard has worked with some amazing businesses over the last six years and has been able to achieve great results helping them with their marketing. Working together they have been able to Increase phone calls, drive traffic to websites, optimize business listings, and see tremendous growth in those businesses. Some of the types of businesses he has worked with have been varying kinds of therapists, chiropractors, and mobility dealers to name a few. Richard has also consulted with restaurants, CPA’s, carpet cleaners and many more service based businesses within the chamber of commerce. He currently serves on the small business committee within the chamber of commerce. 

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