Don't Sleep on Facebook Ads

Taking the mystery out of Facebook ads -11 helpful tips

Discover how to run your own Facebook Ads using the 11 tips below

If you’ve ever wondered if you should be running Facebook ads, I can tell you now, the answer is, probably, yes.

Okay, so now you know that you need to be running ads on Facebook, but there are so many options! What’s the deal with all these objectives? Well, it depends on what exactly you are trying to accomplish with your ad.

11 Tips for Facebook Ads

1. Engagement: You want people actively talking. You want likes, comments, and shares. You’ll want to be more hands-on and immediately responsive with this option. This is not a run-it and forget-it type of ad. If you want them engaged, YOU have to be engaged.

2. Messages: You want people to message you to discuss your product or services. You don’t want to give all the information out in the open because leaving something to ask about initiates direct conversation which is great for generating leads and overcoming objections. Make sure you are quick with your responses on Messenger, otherwise you’ve wasted your time and money.

3. Brand Awareness: You’re not expecting a conversation, a click, or engagement from your audience. You’re putting an image of your product out there so that when people are shopping, they recall what they’ve seen and search for you or your product. This is great for brand new businesses entering into an area with well-known competition.  You don’t really have an audience that knows you yet, so you’re introducing yourself.

4. Video Views: You have a video that promotes a product or maybe is instructional and you want people to watch it.

5. Reach: You have a target audience, which you can determine inside the Facebook ads manager, and you push your ad out to as many people in this audience as possible.

6. Traffic: You have an ad that you want to use to push traffic, usually to your website. Again, you aren’t necessarily looking for comments with this type of ad. You’re using the ad to move them from point A to point B. Make sure the page they land on is interesting, attractive, and will keep them there, or call them to action in some way. Pushing traffic to a boring page will completely waste your money.

7. Lead Generation: You’ve got a book to sell, a seminar to promote, any type of event, magazine or newsletter and you want them to opt in to your thing, whatever it is, without leaving Facebook.

8. Conversions: You want people to take immediate and specific action. Maybe you want them to buy a product or RSVP to an event. This works great for people who already know and love your brand and you want them to purchase from you again.

9. App Installs: You have an app to sell and you want them to click to purchase or install.

10. Catalog Sales: You already have happy customers, or people who you think will become happy customers, and you link your Facebook ad to your online product catalog so that they can shop to their heart’s content.

11. Store Visits: You have a physical store and you want to get people off Facebook and into your local store. Your business location should be accurate in Business Manager before you do this.

Fun fact about Facebook for small business – 1.6 billion people worldwide are connected to a small business on Facebook.

If you still need help with Facebook ads, that’s okay. We get it, you’re busy and you just want someone to do all this sifting and ad stuff for you. No worries, we’re here if you need us.

Note: We are not affiliated with Facebook. Our blogs are meant to be a helpful resource for anyone with a small business.

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