Do you have a marketing strategy?

We believe that smart growth comes with goals, a great plan, and time. You need a marketing strategy to help drive your business whether it’s internet marketing or traditional marketing. Your business is more important to your future than to just throw something against the wall and hope it sticks. You need a well thought out strategy! So, let’s look at nine things you need to do in your marketing strategy.


  1. Define your why and who you are
  2. Define your product or service
  3. Identify your target market/ audience
  4. Get to know your competition
  5. Uncover a niche market area if possible
  6. Develop awareness so others know about your product or service
  7. Build credibility with your customers / community
  8. Be consistent with your marketing message
  9. Stay focused


Map the journey before you take the trip!

At The Salt Net Marketing and Consulting we believe that it is important to know your outcome. You have to plan where you’re going before you leave your house or else you would drive around all day in circles, never making it to a destination. It’s the same with marketing. You have to make a plan or you’re just going in circles and getting nowhere. Let us put a personalized strategy together to get you started meeting your goals and expectations today.