Our Services

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing is the most directly engaging way to communicate with your target audience. Keeping interest in your business high involves publishing great text content, pictures, and videos that excite your followers and encourages them to share your brand with others. So often today, when people need to find a plumber, roofer, pediatrician, dentist, chiropractor and more, they go straight to social media and ask their friends for recommendations. You’ve seen them: ISO a great _________. Ready, set, go! The recommendations come from everywhere. You want that to be you and you want them to see a dynamic, caring business through your social media.

The problem is that you have a business to run and taking the time to create awesome content, publish it to all of your social media platforms, and generally just keeping track of it all is a full time job all on it’s own. We at 
The Salt Net are social media specialists. Not only can we create exciting content and publish it for you, but we can coach you on how to post organically so that your customers see you in your place of business, being yourself, in a positive light and they can respond and engage with you. If your customers love a post from your business they will share it with friends and that creates a fresh lead for you that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Our services let you focus on what you do well and have fun with your audience while we make sure your social presence looks amazing.

Google Business Profile

How important is Google? When’s the last time you heard someone say ‘Yahoo it’, ‘Bing it’, or ‘Firefox it’? Never. Even if they’re using another browser, they still say ‘Google it’. Today, it is the way we say we are going to search for anything. Google’s strength and reach is not to be underestimated. Ever look up a business on Google and the information you want just isn’t there? No link to a website, no business hours, no photos, no reviews…did you call that business? Probably not. That is what Google Business Profile does for you and the power of it. If you don’t have your Google Business Profile optimized, your potential clients are moving on to your competitor, and going to their websites, just as quickly as you moved on when you had the same experience. We will create and manage your Google Business Profile account, optimizing it, helping your Maps listing, and local SEO or we can consult with you to guide you through the setup process so that you can get started extending your reach. Note: 91.75%: The total worldwide search engine market share Google currently holds. (StatCounter, 2020)

Online Reviews with Review Reef

We all do it. We look at reviews about a business and consider them with nearly the same amount of trust that we would from a close friend. This makes positive online reviews an absolute necessity for your business. One negative review may not kill a business with 100 positive reviews, but if you only have 3 reviews and one of them is negative, that’s a bad situation. People talk online and you need them to leave you great reviews. Is it hard for you or them? No, we make it easy. Let us hook you up.

Web Design

Whether a company is recommended to you by a friend, is something you saw on Facebook, or you heard about it on the radio, what’s the first thing you’re going to do? Google it and then you want to click to go to their website. Now, here’s where it can go really right or terribly wrong. A great website looks clean, works like it should on mobile devices, is fast, easy to read and navigate, has pictures and videos, and all the links work. What happens when it doesn’t? That’s right, people get frustrated and leave. We know you want a website done right and we know it can be stressful; to you, not us because we do this all the time. We’ll work for you to get your perfect website up and running so that people can find you, learn about your story, enjoy your content, and want to do business with you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you’re wondering why you aren’t getting flooded with phone calls even though you have a website, it’s because having a website, on it’s own, just isn’t enough. Why? Because Google doesn’t see you as relevant and if your website isn’t on the first page of Google, no one will find you. It’s so much more than that though. There are many factors that go into SEO. What you need to know is that natural and organic SEO takes time. It’s a building of your total web presence including links to your website, keywords, video, social media, and more. Agencies that promise overnight results are willing to do things that will ultimately end up getting you penalized on Google and then you’ve lost your investment and any good standing that you may have had. The Salt Net cares for your business as if it was our own and we do SEO right.


We want everyone to know you and your business and there is no better way to introduce yourself to the world than video. Video connects people to you and helps them to feel as if they know you, even before they meet you. Your video should be centered around your story, your why, not the sale. It should be engaging, grabbing them within 10 seconds or they’ll click away. Also, Google loves video. It’s great for SEO and can boost your position in Google rankings much better than text alone. The Salt Net crafts each video to highlight your business with a look and feel that is all you. These videos help establish you as the expert in your industry. Going to YouTube is commonplace for people to learn to do or understand almost anything. You can learn how to paint a room, do car repairs, or even watch a medical procedure. Seeing is believing. Make them believe in you.

Print Media

Whether or not your business is taken seriously can be greatly influenced by print media. Skillfully designed print media communicates an attention to detail to your potential clients eliciting trust and building authority. We can custom design your logo, business cards, flyers, brochures, and banners making your brand instantly recognizable. Customers want to do business with someone who appears professional and covers all their bases; make sure that’s you.