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Most everyone has smartphones these days and keeps them within arms reach no matter where they are which means a small GPS that knows exactly where they are at and where they have been. Using location-based mobile advertising, businesses can now take advantage of that data to help drive more customers to their stores, restaurants, service centers or gyms. That is just some of the industries using this type of marketing to drive ROI to their bottom line. We have listed other industries below that could also use our services along with some different ideas and commonly targeted areas.
With geofencing marketing or location-based marketing, you can send geo-targeted ads right to your potential customers’ mobile devices. The Salt Net team works within your budget to create target marketing campaigns for your business. Find out how our agency can help your business with creating a geofencing campaign to reach more local customers in and around your community.

Geofencing Ideas for usage


Conventions, Trade Shows etc.

Grand Openings

Your locations surrounding area


Place geofences around your competition


let people in your community know about one!


Branding = Brilliant!

Political Campaigns

Voting dates, Issue awareness


Find out what your audience is thinking.


Whenever someone enters a geo fenced area, they are tagged to receive your ads. A location-based geofencing campaign lets you show ads for up to 90 days after someone is tagged. That is the simplest answer.

Get started advertising with geofencing

We will work with you to choose the locations of your targeted audience and then put a virtual perimeter around that geographic area in order to display your mobile ads.

1. We identify the right geographic locations and learn about your ideal customer. Then we select areas to target. neighborhoods, shopping centers, stores, schools, parks, and more – wherever your customers spend time. We’ll set up virtual geofences around your target locations.

Imagine you’re a local car dealership, auto service center or a coffee shop. Now put a geofence around your competitors’ locations and display your ads to their customers. You may want to advertise a special offer or discount that makes you stand out from your competition so next time they stop into your business for those services. Geofencing can get really dialed in with demographics that target high income earners. Neighborhoods with kids, animal owners, art and music districts and more.


2. We will design effective, eye-catching ads that look great on different apps to entice your customers. We will target everyone who enters inside the geofence!


3. Serve up display mobile ads to your target audience across mobile apps they are using and searching on their devices like weather, news, and sports. Our team will design engaging ads that get their attention! We can manage ad timing, and frequency so we get your message in front of potential customers at the right time.

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