Crafting a Stellar Blog Post: Essential Elements for Success and crucial component for enhancing your SEO

Incorporating blog posts into your marketing strategy remains a crucial component for enhancing your SEO efforts. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, one thing remains constant: Google values relevant, high-quality content. Blogging allows you to showcase your expertise, address your audience’s questions and concerns, and provide valuable information that positions your brand as a […]

Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

business woman planning marketing

Launching and managing a small business demands substantial time and effort. While perfecting your offerings, selecting the right sales channels, and researching your target customers are crucial aspects, one vital component often overlooked is marketing. Marketing plays a pivotal role in establishing your brand and generating sales leads for your small business. While working with […]

How Does Google Define Quality Content?

The Salt Net Google EEAT Post Author Richard Burnham

Business owners and marketing agencies have been trying to figure this out for years. Google gave some insight into this a few years ago when they started talking about E.A.T. which means Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. I have linked the article from Search Engine Journal they did talking about this in 2021. At that time, […]

Content Marketing in 2022

Content Marketing

Are you ready for 2022? It’s a whole new world that we live in compared to even just a couple of years ago. Staying ahead of your competition with content that is relatable and engaging is critical. There is so much information out there and so much pulling at your audience, more than ever before, […]

Google Business Profile – Importance of having one set up

So the number one question we get as marketers is, how can I get my business out in front of lots of potential customers? The other questions we hear are, What is a Google Business Profile and how do you use it? Or, how do I set up a Google business profile? Does a Google […]

Asking for Reviews (without being weird)


Online Reviews   You know you need to ask for reviews but are you? I’ve told you before, reviews are important and people trust reviews to help them make the decision to do business with you. They need to see at least 10 reviews that are current (not older than 3 months) or even great […]

Taking the mystery out of Facebook ads -11 helpful tips

Don't Sleep on Facebook Ads

Discover how to run your own Facebook Ads using the 11 tips below If you’ve ever wondered if you should be running Facebook ads, I can tell you now, the answer is, probably, yes. Okay, so now you know that you need to be running ads on Facebook, but there are so many options! What’s […]

Marketing that YOU can do for your business

Marketing that you can do for your business

Yes, we are a marketing company that gets paid to do the stuff you either can’t or don’t have time to do yourself, but there are things that you can do (quickly) to help with your marketing. #1: Get your customers talking You probably already have customers that love you but, they’re busy and they […]