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Providing personal, customized marketing services with intention, inspiration, and integrity.

Chart your marketing course today!

Why you need a marketing agency for your business.

Most businesses start as a “one man show”. We get it, you’re used to doing everything. You may not even really know how to let go and let someone else do something. We have some questions for you to consider:

Do you have the time to research your competition, their advertising, niche keywords, contact the press, learn then execute your advertising to the appropriate channels?

Do you know the appropriate channels to begin with?

How about SEO?

Do you know how to optimize your website?

Your Google Business Profile?

If you “sort of” know what you’re doing and you’re occasionally throwing something against the wall and hoping it sticks, you’re wasting time… and TIME IS MONEY. 

Are you feeling frazzled just thinking of all this? No worries. You take care of running your business and we’ll handle this; that’s what partners do. 

We have 4 simple steps to get you started.

1. Fill out the discovery form

2. We do the research

3. We create a strategy

4. We deploy our NET!

Smart growth comes with goals, a great plan, and time.

The Salt Net is a marketing and consulting agency working to help businesses grow. Let us put a personalized strategy together to get you started meeting your goals and expectations today.

Why you need The Salt Net

We work with clients with large and small businesses. We build relationships by getting to know our clients, their goals, their pain points, and how we can best serve them. We do massive amounts of research relating to their service or product, their competition, and much more to create a customized plan to help them reach their goals and stay within budget.  

Our clients know that we are more than just a service provider. We are in it with them for the long run, as part of their team. We celebrate every win and understand every doubt that comes with owning your own business. Business ownership is like being on a roller coaster every day; highs and lows, laughs and screams. We understand and we do everything we can to make the marketing part of the ride easy. We build trust so that our clients can focus on serving their clients. 

The Salt Net – Providing research driven results that help grow your business!

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To help businesses grow which will create opportunities, enrich families, and build strong communities.


To provide personal, customized marketing services with intention, inspiration, and integrity.

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Our process: The first thing we will do is go through our discovery form to find out the information needed to establish your marketing strategy. Then we will meet to deliver our findings to you so we can get started working and building your campaign. We only work with quality companies with high integrity. Not only is your reputation on the line, but ours is as well. We work to create long-term partnerships and truly appreciate our clients.

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